Thursday, June 5, 2014


23. Great are really those who transcend time and geographical limit.

24. Conosislevey in politics is a quality of foots .

25. He was great poet sure a lover too.

26. i know you, better
             than yourself.............
                    you know me, better
                         than myself................

27.  Coming together is a beginning
       Growing together is progress
       Staying together is success

28. Hours fly
       Flowers die
       New days
       New ways
       Pass by
       Love stays

29. Wealth is lost nothing is lost,
      Health is lost something is lost
       if character is lost everything is lost.

30.  Science is extensive property of nature.

31. 'The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
        But i have promises to keep
      And miles to go before i sleep
       And miles to go before i sleep.'
            - Nehru had these famous lines of the poor Robert Frost on his table till the last hours of his life.

32.  Education is that something which gives to the body, mind and soul all potentialities to which it is capable.

33. Success is to flow like water through rocks.